SACOSA helps companies invest into the Health & Power of their employees.

How it works: SACOSA is an online coaching service that pairs each employee with a certified coach based on employee’s specific wishes and needs. Each employee gets a professional, who is accessible from anywhere, anytime, works holistically and has expert advice on topics tailored to him.

We are growing fast, our B2B-customers come from various industries and locations, e.g.

  • Top 10 German strategic consulting company (Germany & International)
  • German HR-Tech Company (Germany)
  • International consumer brand company with over 70bn revenue worldwide (Nordic Business Unit)
  • Top 10 business school (Spain, Germany)
  • One leading and one innovative health insurance company (Germany)

Our Coaches are based worldwide, e.g.

  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal

Open Positions

1. Internship as Entrepreneur in Residence

2. SACOSA Coaches


Entrepreneur in Residence (intern)


This internship is for a minimum duration of 12 weeks. If you start latest September 2018, you can join us at Bitz & Pretzels conference in Munich end of September 2018.


We are looking for a student with an entrepreneurial mindset and hands on approach who can help our Managing Directors develop and drive SACOSA. This may include

  • Working hands-on across different company functions  (e.g. Business Development, Operations, Know How build up & Management, Product/Tech, Sales, Recruitment) – executing projects and gaining real insight into building an international B2B service company
  • Optimizing (business) processes
  • Gaining knowledge on working with clients and managing accounts
  • Leading external teams
  • Hands-on strategizing and planning
  • Performing research on interesting business opportunities
  • Organizing and performing analysis on business performance
  • Adding value by actively thinking like an entrepreneur, bringing executable ideas to the table with the willingness to execute them
  • Working remotely with a team that works from all over the world (Hungary, Thailand, Germany). We meet regularly in Munich but our usual work is conducted remotely

Required Qualifications

  • Have, or currently be doing a degree. Top grades up to now. It does not really matter what kind of degree you pursue if you are a fast thinker and impressive executer;)
  • Be passionate about start-ups and like working in a flexible, independent, self-decisive manner
  • Not afraid of a challenge and taking responsibility for projects, tasks and deliverables. We will empower you and challenge you to grow!
  • Have working experience in a professional environment, 3 month prior Management Consultancy or Start-Up intership is an absolut must
  • Minimum of 6 month international experience
  • Have computer proficiency: Microsoft Office. Everything else (e.g. Html programming) is a nice add on
  • Be fluent in English and German (written and spoken). Every other language is a nice add on
  • If you graduate Q3/4 2019 we have the option to hire you out of university, if we feel we are a perfect match


Please send your application including CV, Cover Letter and Certificates to sammy.gebele(at)sacosa.de

We are looking forward to getting to know you!


SACOSA Coaches

We have several Job openings for SACOSA Coaches. This is a unique position with certain fundamental expectations and qualities.


This is a SACOSA Coach position with, which focuses primarily on the delivery and implementation of programming to individuals in a corporate environment. While the majority of the Coache's job will have a strong emphasis on coaching and program delivery, other job requirements may include:

  • Instructing, motivating, and assisting clients in a safe, legal, moral, ethical manner to achieve their goals.
  • Maintaining constant communication with clients to ensure goals are being met.
  • Conducting assessments of clients’ health utilizing our proprietary evaluation protocols.
  • Updating training plans and/or re-evaluating clients as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Partnering with the employer to conduct various client engagement and educational activities and events, such as lunch & learns, information fairs, campus activities, etc.
  • Presenting SACOSA methodology through SACOSA education programs.
  • Reporting various metrics to operations, such as engagement, outreach efforts, and activity level.
  • Participating in program planning and development, as well as design and/or carry out related research.
  • Leading and/or participating in staff education covering all aspects of SACOSA methodology.
  • Perform all aspects of position held in a professional manner.
  • Maintain professional credentials as required including attending necessary continuing education courses.
  • Some travel may be required.
  • Other duties as needed

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum of three years of coaching experience.  
  • BA/BS Kinesiology or Sports Science or related degree.
  • Currently hold industry certification, NASM or similar depending on country.
  • Strong customer service skills where servicing the “client” is top priority.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Energy and passion for helping others achieve their personal goals.
  • Must be able to work independently with little daily supervision
  • Fluent in English.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, Sports Science, Rehabilitation or related field.
  • Strong customer service skills where servicing the “client” is top priority.
  • Excellent presentation skills in both small and large group settings.
  • Experience teaching group fitness classes with emphasis on helping improve technique and ability.
  • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office or related products.
  • Fluent in German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Physical Requirements:

  • The physical requirements of this job require frequent walking around and demonstrating and assisting with exercise movements; bending, stretching, lifting, pushing, pulling and squatting are movements performed daily.
  • Should the client require personal training from the SACOSA coach, the coach will need to be able to lift the necessary weights being used by the client, for example, while demonstration and/or spotting the client during the exercise.


Please send your application including CV, Cover Letter and Certificates to sammy.gebele(at)sacosa.de

We are looking forward to getting to know you!