Coaching examples for each success pillar

We identified four success pillars on which our coaching is based. Motivation & Guidance regarding nutrition, movement and recovery. Our holistic approach helps your employees improve their daily routines and offers help in a pragmatic way.



Motivation & Guidance 

  • Daily motivation and guidance through e.g. SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp messages

  • Coaches replies daily with hands on tipps and feedback



  • Daily pictures of food sent to coach with hands-on feedback from coach

  • For travelers; coach checks out the restaurants you will eat at and selects options that fit to your dietary plan

  • Teach healthy eating habits



  • Weekly fitness plan with check ups

  • Adapted daily if necessary because of changing work schedule

  • Skype 1:1 workouts with coach


Recovery & psychological help

  • Psychologists help in cases of stress overload or risk of burnout with e.g. teaching of coping mechanisms and strategies

  • Teach recovery strategies

  • Daily reinforcement of calming exercises

  • Create healthy routines and sleeping habits

  • Integrate meditation and yoga


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